Monday, 27 May 2013

making new friends

Eric Lisa Hanna Abongile and I

These are one of the moments that need to be cherished.  making new friends is a hard thing  and it is not as it seems. It is really hard to even meet new people. God has blessed me with  kind, down to earth people who are fun to hang around with. Well this year I became friends with exchange students from  Umea Universitet , a University in Sweden.  They just came to the University of Fort Hare to study for only the  First semester then  they will go back to Sweden. Well we definitely showed then South African life and they loved it. This is Hanna. I met this Beautiful woman through the other Hanna. She is sweet and kind. What really attracted me from her is the fact that she dresses like me in a way. She dresses in a more Boho cick feel.
                                                            Hanna and I
This the most amazing woman that I have ever met :). She is most fun. I have never seen such a hyperactive person like her. She just likes to learn new things. When she first came to South Africa, this girl made it a point that she learns everything about South Africa. How we dance, talk, the gestures we use and how our hair is. this girl just blended in. you would swear that she is a South African and not just a South Africa, but a black South African. So love this girl. I met this Beautiful Soul through Abongile and I am happy that I met Hanna and I am sure That we will keep in Contact when she goes back to Sweden.
                                                           ANOTHER       Hanna and I
                                                   Hanna and Abongile
                                                     Hanna taking a pic of me

                                        Hanna Thembani Ndumi and I

Lisa :) friends with Erik.  such a beautiful soul who loves conversing.

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