Thursday, 17 November 2011

Blazed by Hot Blazers

Are you looking for a comfortable simple to wear treand? just open your boyfriends closet and put on his blazer.. It's a boyfriend blazer... isn't it? lol kidding.
 Let me teach you how to wear them

Update your jeans and T-shirt look. The easiest way to wear a boyfriend blazer is over a simple T-shirt or button-up and fitted jeans. Because the jacket is cut larger than most, wear at least one fitted article of clothing, whether it be a shirt or pants, so you don't look shapeless. For the most feminine look, roll or push up the sleeves to expose your wrists.
  • Slip on a skirt. Wear your blazer over a full skirt or, if you're really daring, don it with a miniskirt so that it almost looks like a business suit. Wear tights or leggings for a more modest and streamlined look, especially if the blazer is long enough to cover the hem of the skirt.

  • Add a belt. If the oversized look is too overwhelming for your frame or you simply don't like it, try wrapping a belt around the blazer to fit it to your waist. A long, colorful scarf could also work for defining your waist. You can pair this look with either fitted jeans or wide-leg pants. A full skirt or pencil skirt would also look nice with a belted blazer.

  • Throw on leggings. If you have shapely legs, consider wearing the blazer over a simple T-shirt and dark leggings. Add ankle boots for a trendy look or wear flats or funky sneakers for a different look. Belt the blazer to give your waist more definition and look for a longer blazer that will still cover your bottom so you don't reveal too much.

  • Continue the menswear trend. Try wearing your oversized blazer over a plaid shirt and jeans for a boyish look. To avoid looking too masculine, however, wear cute heels and delicate jewelry. Also, step up your makeup and hair a bit so that you still look girly.

  • Use it in place of cover-up. A sleeveless sheath dress or jumper looks great with an oversized blazer over it. Be sure to add cute heels or wedges to dress up the look, since the blazer adds a casual vibe.

  • Go long with your shorts. The boyfriend blazer can easily dress up a pair of cuffed shorts or cropped pants. Just be sure to wear a belt or other accessory to define your shape, especially if you wear wide-leg shorts, and wear heels to look taller.

  • Wear a scarf or big necklaces. Button the blazer and wrap a colorful scarf around your neck to dress up the outfit. A long, chunky necklace or a few thick strands of beads can also make your look more sophisticated.
  • Friday, 11 November 2011

    Bringing the Indian look back... the TURBAN look

     That's how it is done.

    The practice of wearing turban is quite ancient and they occur in a range of different colours and decorated styles. This is a must have.. we are bringing the old look to back...

    scarves.. Scarves.. I love them

    Since I do not wear jewellery... I normally use scarves as my accessory. They just bring my outfit and  into light. There are various ways of wearing scarves.. and I am going to show you how it is done...

    Wednesday, 9 November 2011

    bright and shiny.... the RAINBOW look

     I tend to be friends with fashionable people... this is My buddy looking good as always
     This is me with a splash of colour

    I just love bright colours. I do not even have favourate clours.. I'm just in love with  the rainbow... wearing bright clothes is a trick.. you should make it a point that you mix them properly... Eish you don't want to look like you have been slashed with different colours of paint.

    keep It checked up

     This is me rocking the look. If you want to copy it buy short high waisted skirts and  stalking with pumps or brouges

    I love Stripes

    Stripes stripes stripes... I just feel like a Zebra.. skirts,  dresses. shoes, cardigans, blazers you name it all.. They all look good when they have stripes.. Stripy clothes do not accetuate every body type. stripesd clothes do no suit full body figured women , the stripes make you bigger...