Monday, 27 May 2013

Brunch with Friends

 This is a good time well spent with friends. This is one of the perfect Saturdays where you just feel like busking in the sun. My friends and I decided to have a brunch so that we can Bond and just converse and get to know each other. These moments will be cherished.
This is Abongile and Hanna. Well Abongile is a chatterbox. He just loves arguing and just stating his view about life. I so love him, because he is not afraid to voice out what he feels. Hanna on the other hand is just the most amazing person ever. She is so bubbly and high on life. This Swedish lady knows how to dance. On this day Hanna and Abongile were so wasted because they went to a party the night before and they were just eating everything that they could find on the table hahahaha.... that was hilerious. I so love them.
 FOOD FOOD FOOD!!!!!!! My favourate part of the day. I ate my life to obesity. The food was amazing. I kept on taking more and more in. Yes I was eating alot but I couldn't top Hanna and Abongile, .... hahahaha Munches and Bhabhalaza was hitting them hard
Lisa and Erik my fabulous Friends. I will really miss them. I am glad that I got to know them. Greeting them at spar hahaha made us to be friends. being inquisitive helps, because if i had not have greeted and asked about the language and where they are from. We wouldn't be friends. I will miss these souls :). Well let me tell you what happened this day. We just had fun laughed all the time. We had a great time and I wouldn't mind rewinding this day.

I just love mother nature :)

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