Saturday, 31 March 2012

coats coats coats

 This is a must have for this winter as the winds are going to blow us. we need be warm.. Invest on a coat, But do not buy those frumpy ones.. It's all about being stylish at all times. It's advisable to buy a black coat since it is easy to wear it with anything and still look good. A coat does not restrict a person you can wear it with anything... Go to your nearest store and buy coats... invest......

Friday, 30 March 2012

Demin feel

 Hallo my angels felt like sharing this moment with you. In this picture  I was studying Law of Contract and I was preparing for a test. After I wrote, I felt like taking pictures just to relieve stress. taking pictures to me is therapeutic and it helps me to be me and just be happy. I just love posing and looking good while taking the pictures. here are some other pictures of me strutting my stuff

Monday, 26 March 2012


Tell me if this is not wow... being Stylish is about being Unique in a styhlish way.. I love what I am seeing...

A touch of brown

 It was a sunny day in East London.. I decided to put on lighter and comfy clothes... I just felt like wearing lace shorts( They are in style) and A Blue blouse and  I just put a touch of brown... I love the combination ... I do not know about you guys

                                                I love the bag
                                                Wow the shorts

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Just a normal day

I just felt like being bright... It's a sunny day so I just needed to wear something that will cool me off. I am dressed according to my mood... you can just tell how happy I am.. :).. I am just going to take a walk to the beach.. Happy sunday :)

I'm so In love

Friday, 16 March 2012

What is beauty?

Who can ever say she is beautiful loves what she sees. Beauty defines the real you. To say that you are beautiful shows that you love yourself and you have confidence of which that is a good thing.. If you do not love yourself who will? What tends to puzzle people is the the question that says... what makes a person Beautiful? Is it the weaves?  Being light skinned or is it what you wear? to me BEAUTY is all about what is with in.. It is about how you portray yourself. Beauty is not make up but it is how you view yourself... so ladies we are all Beautiful.. dark or light skinned, slander or voluptuous.... We are all beautiful.. let us not doubt ourselves.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I felt like posing

  Today I was in a good mood for posing.. I do not know why. I just felt like strutting my stuff lol.. I made my room-mate the photographer.. I had an awesome day. I think I  would be cut out for modelling.. don't you think?  check out the other pictures

I love the detail of the dress... and the pink slim belt completes the outfit.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Kryz Uy - March 12, 2012 | Fashion by : You look - We show - Fashion by : You look - We show

Kryz Uy - March 12, 2012 | Fashion by : You look - We show - Fashion by : You look - We show This? have got to see.... follow this link and you will be amased

Stylish.. I think I am

I looked good.. I just love the combination.. I bought this top at a vintage shop in East London... just guess how much it was... lol I am even ashamed to tell you... It was only R30. I decided to wear it with a high waist pants and put on a  slim belt just to enhance the detail on the top..... I just love it...  The brown shoes just complete the out-fit... I encourage you to shop in your mothers wardrobe, because there is a lot that you can find.....

Sunday, 11 March 2012

block your out-fit with colours

When ever my eyes see bright colours I get so excited... I don't know why I just love great combination. Wearing bright clothes needs someone who is confident and a person who takes risks .I just love the first out- fit... the blue top compliments the yellow pants. I am so so so In love with the bag Oh!!!!! my gosh... the bag is killing

Thursday, 8 March 2012

A calling

A calling for fashion

 This taught me how to love. Bright colours different cuts made my eyes colourful like a rainbow. If only I had the money to buy all the fashionable,trendy and stylish finds that I see in this world. Clothes drive me crazy. When I see a stylish person The only thing I think of is to compliment the beauty that I see. Unfortunately I am not studying fashion nor do I think my path will lead me to the world of fashion. I am blogging for the love of fashion.
You probably think I will be this boring.

 I will be like this in court lol... looking hot, don't you think?

 I am studying Law and I am sure most of people think LAWYERS are boring and they dress dull.. yell I think I will change the Law field by being a Lawyer who knows how to dress.... I will change the law field I  tell you.