Sunday, 30 October 2011

Unathi in style

 Posing with a kettle... who looks good?  Is it me or the kettle
I am in love with fashion..

Saturday, 29 October 2011

How to rock combat boots

 Me me me rocking the look. I am inlove with combat boots. They just define my style.

 This look would be complete with a touch of combat boots

You can wear these boots all season... I love these boots because they fit in any outfit accept long dresses and skirts.... that's a big NO NO...
You can wear these boots with jeans, shorts and short skirts and dresses....

If you thought tied up shirts were out of fashion.... think again..... they are back

If you do not have one... girl you must have one... I just bought one and I am loving it

Friday, 28 October 2011

The face of the Blog....

I created the Blog because of the inspiration that I got from a friend.. It is all because of the love of fashion

Vantage Bags

Must have.. Expensive as they are. I need to have these bags

Bringing Vintage back

Some may think wearing old clothes makes you out of fashion..Wearing Vintage yet stylish clothes can define your personality and your flare for fashoin. Let me show you the Vintage clothes that drive me crazy. You spice the look by mixing it with some modern items.

How to wear Brogues

This is more of my style. Comfy yet stylish. Thise shoes are formal and also casual at the same time.. you can wear them with a short , Maxi shirt or dress. You can also wear them with shorts and long pants, be it danim or formal pants.. Some like to wear them with stalkings or long socks. This  is the shoe to have.

Heels,Brogues and pumps

Heels,brogues and pumps can enhance the simple outfit that you have. These are the shoes that you can wear to dress up or dress down your short dresses

Flirty skirts for this summer.

Feel good look good this summer. As the ever Blazing sun of East London makes you sweat it is advisable to put on something short that compliments your body. I advise that if you know that your body is not build for short items... please do not even consider buying it. You dress this look up or down... you can wear heels at night and some cute sandals during the day or you can dress them down with brogue or pumps