Saturday, 21 July 2012

What I will wear tonight.... Fashion show here I come

Tonight is the night where I will acquaint myself with fashionistas, Fashion lovers,  Fashion Bloggers designers and stylists. This is the night where I will expose myself to a world that excites me. Street Fashion Fashion Show that is where I will be. I will wear a short flowy skirt with a striped vest with green platform heels from zoom. I just want to see what is trending for spring.... I can not wait..... waiting for the Fashion hour..... SEE YOU THERE..... Incognito is the place to be

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Street Fashion Show


Founder  of Street Fashion Show

   It takes a passionate person to dedicate herself in something. What it takes is loving something and making sure that the thing that you like keeps you happy. Something   caught my eye on Facebook.... STREET FASHION SHOW and I was really amazed. I just knew that I had to  Blog about this. I will give you more Information about this Fashion Show.

 The founder of this remarkable Idea is Sivuyisiwe Onesipho Siwisa. This girl is about God, Love, Art and humanity, everything she is stems from the four entities. What I really wanted to know was the inspiration and she said.....The idea of the Street Fashion Show came last year while staying and studying in PE. Then, the t-shirt printing business was booming and young people were right at the heart of it. Personally, I felt we had started our own revolution by creating a fashion that was our own while financially emancipating ourselves. Within that however, it seemed there was a huge gap between the brands and consumers. many of these clothing brand owners had mastered created relevant clothing brands but could not successfully market and easily avail the products to the masses...hence Street Fashion Show. The purpose of this event is to create a platform for young clothing label owners, designers, fashion enthusiasts to have bring forth style and items reflected on the streets while engaging with consumers.
Though the event is on its starting phases, we intend to make it an annual event and maybe secure large sponsors as running the show for our own pockets has been extremely hard but the process has been immensely exciting.

 The Street Fashion show will be at INCOGNITO LOUNGE, EAST LONDON - 21 JULY 2012 8PM. Entrance FEE: R50
 Don't miss out..... I will see you there fashion lovers