Saturday, 2 March 2013

Aspiring Designer: Thabo a Bcom General student

I had an interview with  the most talented Guy around campus. A guy  who comes up with fresh Ideas, ideas that no ones could come up with. Thabo invented a new trend, a trend that is viby and I am sure that every University of Fort Hare student will want to have an item or two of  clothing. This inspiring young man invented shirts and t-shirts out of a bandanna and that is creative  and it caught my fashionable eye and I was sprung. I then asked Thabo some few question because I wanted to know what inspired him to come up with such creation.
What inspired  you to come up with such a brilliant idea?
Fashion was in me from an early age but I didn't take it seriously and I did not realise that I was this gifted at first. A friend of mine the introduced me to a designer called Wanda and his clothing label is BHELEH. He then shows how to sowe and cut fabrics , I then fell in love with the making of clothes. I had an Idea and I had to make it a reality. I love drawing and I am also in love with art and everything that has to do with creation inspires me. With the skill that Wanda instilled in me I then decide to make my clothes since he used to make my clothes. In 2011  I started making clothes.
Are you planning to have a clothing label?
I do not do things for fun I am  planning to start a brand name and be known all over South Africa
Where do you see yourself in 5 years to come?
Well there is a lot I want to achieve. I want to have a clothing label, open a clothing gallery to show case mt inventions and also want  my clothing line to reach abroad.
 Tell me more about 16 Merchandise... what is it all about?
Well 16 Merchandise is a hip-hop group that we decided to form as a group of Students at Fort Hare. We are a group of 10 guys what brought us together is passion. We realised that the same goal and passion drives us so we decided to hustle so that we can reach our goals.
What has 16 Merchandise done as a hip-Hop group?
 Well we have performed at Varsity gigs and  we are trying to establish ourselves as a group and be known all over East London. Well on the first of March we hosted a party in Q-Bar and It was a success and it was our of making people know about us. We are also working on a blog so that we can be known and I also want to have a blog for my clothing line that I am working on.. This group is mainly about dancing, hip-hop and art. Art should live on. I want my blog to be up and running by April watch the space. We as the 16 MERCHANDISE are planning to have a Street Fashion show second semester and it's going to be massive.
What do the Students see in you?
As  our  Brand says" entertainment, influence" We entertain and influence students and that's our goal and what we love.
Which Degree of study are you in?
I am studying Bcom General at the University of Fort Hare I am currently doing my 3rd year.
Why didn't you study Fashion Designing?
 I couldn't have studied fashion designing without having a business mind. I do no see myself in the coporate field I see myself having my own fashion line. I want to be big, like the likes of David Tlale
What made you to come up with an  to Form shirts and T-SHIRTS out of a Bandanna?
 Well it's all about being creative and coming up with fresh Ideas. I made the T-Shirts for my crew.
How can one get your clothes?
If they want them they should come to me.

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