Sunday, 17 February 2013

How to invent your own Style

Inventing your own style goes with being you and  showing what's with in by the way you dress. Well this goes with what you like  in terms of clothes and how you want to dress. Some may ask him /herself  that what is Style? Well style is mostly associated with how you dress and the design of clothes and how you layer clothes in order  to make them appealing. When a person is said to be stylish such a person doesn't follow trends. The person is more of an inventor of trends. If such a person does buy trendy clothes he/ she will mix such items with her own personal feel. Fashinistas and Stylista put their personal feel in clothes and the clothes define them. Be you and don't be a fashion slave. following trends makes you to not have clothes because when a trend becomes outdated you are forced to start all over and buy new clothes of which that is not wise. shop wise and you will not have to buy new clothes every month but I assure you you will definitely look good.

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