Thursday, 8 March 2012

A calling

A calling for fashion

 This taught me how to love. Bright colours different cuts made my eyes colourful like a rainbow. If only I had the money to buy all the fashionable,trendy and stylish finds that I see in this world. Clothes drive me crazy. When I see a stylish person The only thing I think of is to compliment the beauty that I see. Unfortunately I am not studying fashion nor do I think my path will lead me to the world of fashion. I am blogging for the love of fashion.
You probably think I will be this boring.

 I will be like this in court lol... looking hot, don't you think?

 I am studying Law and I am sure most of people think LAWYERS are boring and they dress dull.. yell I think I will change the Law field by being a Lawyer who knows how to dress.... I will change the law field I  tell you.

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