Friday, 3 February 2012

Vantage maxi skirts

 Me pulling the look.. I look good hey

 Hemline lengths are no longer a style issue nowadays; you should wear your long skirts during the day with confidence. You just need to pair them with the right blouse, shoes and accessories.
Generally, with long skirts, choose tops that are fitted or cropped and not too full. I can envision you in a white ruffled blouse or a sleeveless sequined top with a cardigan sweater, accessorizing with loads of pearl necklaces and a quilted leather clutch—a saucy look that Coco Chanel herself could have sported.
You're right that your daytime skirt shouldn't be ball-gown length; it should clear the floor, stopping around your ankles or perhaps well below mid-calf—a look that taller women can pull off more easily. Shorter women will look leaner and taller with ankle-grazing hems. The shoes could be ballerina flats, high-wedge espadrilles or Mary Jane patent-leather low-heeled shoes.

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